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Systematic Quality Management Systems, Inc. is a Full-Service Quality Engineering firm with years of experience in the Development, Implementation, Training, and on-going Support of ISO-based International Standards.

Nationwide, our team provides turn-key Quality Management System solutions to organizations who seek to Achieve and Maintain Certification to ISO9001-based International Standards.

Our Promise is to help you Achieve Certification and Maintain your Quality Management System in a Clear, Concise and Cost-effective manner, with minimal interruption to your day, and we do it by taking a Systematic approach!

QUALITY – A Systematic approach to the search for excellence.

(Synonyms: productivity, cost reduction, schedule performance, sales, customer satisfaction, teamwork, the bottom line.)

Specializing in: ISO9001, AS9100AS9120, and NADCAP Accreditations

What you can expect from our Team of outstanding individuals…

We write your Quality Management System documentation 100%
We speak in layman’s terms 100%
We simplify the process 100%
We engage you with a Registrar 100%
We manage your Certification schedule 100%
We support you before, during and after Certification 100%
We stand for honesty and integrity 100%

We have been dedicated to improving Quality one client at a time since early 2011, and we have been extremely successful at it!



James Lozos, ASQ CQA

President / Quality Engineer


Gina Berry

Vice President / Business Development


Our organization works closely with you and your staff at all levels to Design, Develop and Implement a Quality Management System that is specifically tailored to your organization, and meets the requirements of your valued customers.

Our goal is to simplify the process, as well as your Quality Management System with no added restraints pertaining to the way you run your business.

We’re here to make your life easier, not more stressful.

Our Quality Engineering group has developed many Quality Management Systems for a wide range of organizations nationwide. We have the depth and breadth of experience necessary to help your organization establish and achieve its goals and stay on schedule throughout the Certification process.

We engage your organization at all levels and take a Process Engineering approach to mapping your Core Processes as they exist today. We then convert them into a series of documented procedures and instructions for delivering product that specifically meets your needs, as well as the needs and requirements of your valued customers. Along the way we provide insights and suggestions towards improving your processes, and ensure that all the requirements are met for the Accreditation you are seeking.
Our goal is to interpret the Standard as it relates to your organization, not tell you how to run your business.
Our team is available to provide all elements of support to your organization. From Technical Documentation to full-blown Process Engineering, however challenging, we want to Partner in your organization’s success!

We engage you with a Registrar, and manage your Certification cycle so you don’t have to.

There is high cost to poor Quality

Documentation of a Quality Management System can help increase confidence and understanding within your organization 100%
Accreditation to an International Standard can open doors to new clients and new markets 100%
Strengthen relationships with existing clients and create an edge over your competition 100%
Creation of efficient processes that identify quality issues early on, where documentation of the resolution will avoid costly mistakes and improve efficiency 100%
Quality control can become part of your organization's basic marketing strategy 100%
Registration to ISO-based Standards can validate the competence and expertise you already possess 100%

Whether you are seeking a new Certification or have a fully Accredited system in place, Systematic Quality Management Systems wants to be your Partner in Success!

ISO9001 – Quality Management System
This is the base-line International Standard that specifies requirements for a Quality Management System where an organization desires to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide good products or services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. Its primary aim is to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system. All requirements of ISO9001 are general in nature and are intended to be applicable to all organizations, regardless of business sector, size, product or services provided.

Over 1,000,000 companies worldwide are certified to this Standard.

AS9100 – Aviation, Space & Defense
Based on the ISO9001 Standard, the AS9100 Standard for Quality Management Systems has additional requirements that are specifically intended to be used at all levels of the Aviation, Space & Defense industries supply chain. Adopting this standard will result in improved quality, schedule and cost performance, as well as qualify your organization as a supplier to Higher Tier and OEM Aerospace Organizations.
AS9120 – Aerospace Distributors
Based on the ISO9001 & AS9100 Standard, the AS9120 Standard for Quality Management Systems is specifically designed for Distributors of Aerospace Commodities. It removes the AS9100 requirements for Design, Development and Validation of processes, but adds requirements related to chain of custody, lot splitting, traceability, airworthiness, certificates evidence of conformance, and control of records.
NADCAP – National Aerospace & Defense Contractors Accreditation Program
This accreditation program is administered by the Performance Review Institute (PRI) Registrar. NADCAP was established in 1990 by SAE International. NADCAP’s membership consists of “Prime Contractors” who coordinate with Aerospace accredited Suppliers to develop industry-wide Audit criteria for Special Processes and Products. Through PRI, NADCAP provides independent Certification of manufacturing processes for the industry.


Once your organization has achieved Accreditation, we provide all levels of support throughout the life of your Certification, including Internal Audits, conduct Management Reviews, Registrar and Customer Audit support, Analysis of Data, Root Cause Analysis and completion of Corrective Action documentation.

Our Certified Auditors and Quality Engineers are available to provide you with skilled objective oversight, assistance, and direct maintenance of your Quality Management System throughout the entire process, and the life of your Certification.

Internal Audits

Internal Audits are an invaluable process for evaluating the effectiveness of your Quality Management System, and for many organizations, maintaining an impartial view during an Audit can be a challenge. The Internal Audit process can also leave you with an unmanageable list of corrections and changes that need to be made to your Quality Management System.

Our Certified Auditors have years of experience in a variety of Industries; providing you with skilled oversight of your Quality Management System, as well as ensuring compliance while maintaining a neutral perspective. We can also focus the Audit in areas that you feel may need improvement or validation.

We help ensure compliance, continual improvement philosophies, proper implementation, and best practices within your organization. The results of our Audits are always conveyed to your organization in a concise and objective manner.

Let us know how we can help!

Post-Audit Support

The result of an Internal, Customer, or Registrar Audit can leave you with an unmanageable list of Corrective Actions and changes that need to be made to your Quality Management System. Our Quality Engineering group is available to provide all manners of support from generating technical documentation and performing Root Cause Analysis to complete process engineering.

We can support you however challenging your needs may be.

External Audit Support

Having a qualified professional present during an Initial Certification, Surveillance, or Re-certification Audit can help smooth out any rough spots you may encounter, as well as help to provide the assurance of a fair and balanced Audit. We are not able to speak directly on your behalf, but we are able to give you insight and direction, and having someone present can also give you piece of mind!

Contact us today to schedule one of our experienced Auditors to stand with you on your next important milestone Audit!


Our robust Training Programs provide you and your staff the fundamental understanding of the requirements of the ISO-based International Standard you choose, detailed knowledge of your own Quality Management System, or the advanced skills that are necessary to become an effective Management Representative or Internal Auditor.

Our organization offers a full complement of training courses to meet a variety of needs, from introductory and generalized classes to detailed courses that address the specifics of the International Standards.

We can also conduct training for your staff on the specifics of your own Quality Management System in order to promote awareness, maximize effectiveness of your processes, and encourage adoption of best practices and continual improvement philosophies.


Internal Audit:
This course is a detailed training regimen on conducting Internal Audits.  It provides an overview of the Audit requirements of ISO9001-based Standards, breaks down how to conduct process-based Audits in order to ensure compliance, and discusses the detailed reporting of findings and observations.

Introduction to ISO9001:
This course provides a general overview of the requirements of ISO9001.  It describes all requirements, records, and discusses the basic functions of, and implementation strategies for required procedures.

Introduction to AS9100/AS9120:
This course is a detailed review of the requirements of the Aerospace Standards. It provides an in-depth look at the additional Aerospace requirements of the Standard.

Management Representative:
This course provides detailed instruction on how to perform the Management Representative role for any Quality Management System.  It includes information on managing the Internal Audit schedule, Registrar communications, Management Review and metrics, as well as other detailed Management Representative responsibilities.

Control of Nonconforming Product:
This course provides a detailed breakdown of how nonconforming product is controlled in a Quality Management System, including the specifics of handling scrap, definition and approval of disposition authorities, and nonconformance recall notification requirements.

Effective Root Cause Analysis:
This course provides a detailed review of how to conduct effective Root Cause Analysis.  It describes methods and strategies for determining true Root Cause and how to craft effective corrective actions as a result.

• Certificate of completion included for all training courses.

• Customized training programs are also available.

• All courses are available at our Training Center or at your facility (3 attendee minimum).

• We’re passionate about what we do, and we want your business!


Business Development

Our organization is seeking full-time sales professionals to develop and maintain existing and new customer relationships.

Candidate must be located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX area and possess a minimum of (3) years of experience in business-to-business technical sales. Must have reliable transportation. Some travel required.


Internal Auditor

Our organization is seeking part-time and full-time technical professionals, experienced in performing Internal Audits to ISO9001 and AS91xx.

Candidate must be located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX area and possess a minimum of (2) years of experience. Must have reliable transportation.  Moderate travel required.


Quality Engineer

Our organization is seeking a full-time technical professional, experienced in performing Internal Audits to ISO9001 and AS91xx, developing and maintaining ISO9001-based Quality Management Systems, and formal problem solving (corrective action, root cause analysis, etc.)

Candidate must be located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX area and possess a minimum of (2) years of experience. Must have reliable transportation.  Moderate travel required


Please email resumes to: admin@systematicqms.com


SQMS has helped Advance Components improve our ISO and quality processes significantly. SQMS provided a very affordable solution and made what was a daunting task for our in-house Quality Manager and Leadership Team into a simple and strait-forward process. We couldn’t be happier!
Gary C.

I am very happy that our company decided to contract Systematic Quality Management System to manage our quality system. They are such a big help with internal audits, and that keeps our company AS9100 and ISO-9001 certified. They are there each time I reach out for help. The knowledge they possess is very helpful. You can’t go wrong with them working for you.

Allen B.
Quality Manager

Great company to work with! Willing to lend a hand with any situation. Easy to communicate with. Auditors are very helpful. I would recommend Systematic to anyone looking to start a certified quality management program.

Dustin T.
Quality Representative

I just want to touch base with you guys to let you know what delight and help Frank was for this audit. I also would like to add what a great team everyone is all the way around from Erin, Sharon, Frank, and Charles, we really do appreciate them all. Keep up the exceptional work.

Alan H.

We hired Systematic QMS for our ISO certification and for several other related matters. I can’t even begin to say how happy we are with them! They have gone out of their way to take care of us and helped us pass for ISO, CE, etc. James is absolutely incredible. We like them so much that we are going to hire them for all regulatory-related matters. And their rates are incredible compared to others. They truly are the best!!!!!!!

Alef M.
Vice President

We have used Systematic QMS twice now for internal audits and have been very pleased with the results! Charles was our auditor and did a fantastic job of explaining his results (against the standards) and giving guidance on how to make our quality system easier to manage. I highly recommend them!

Cari M.

Very detailed and always there to help even after the certification. Definitely makes certification something anyone should be able to accomplish. They have also always been there for followup audits and questions.

Alan L.
Vice President

Systematic’s development team are very easy to work with. They suited all of my various needs and have supported us through multiple audits with fantastic results. I highly recommend them!

Quality Representative

SQMS has been working with our company for a few years now and have always done a great job. Very professional and helpful throughout the whole process of our accreditation process. We will continue to use them for our internal audits.

Jeff B.
Quality Manager

Charles, at SQMS, got our machine shop ISO certified in no time. The entire team was there to help us along the way and answered every question and concern that we had, making the entire process so easy and smooth. If you are looking to get ISO certified, I would highly recommend SQMS.

Laure H.
Quality Manager

SQMS provides a top notch service and simple guidance. Our AS9120 implementation was seamless.
Thank you for all you do!

Brian H.

SQMS has been very helpful to our business. I never hesitate to contact them with questions or concerns because I know I will always receive a prompt and professional response. I would highly recommend working with SQMS.

Sarah W.
Quality Manager

Met all our needs to make our QMS become ISO 9001:2015 Compliant. Really helpful staff and gave us an insight on ways we could improve our quality process to further progress our company into the future.

Jose L.
Quality Manager

We hired SQMS to clean up our quality procedures that had become a quilt of add-ons from different auditor over the years wanting to see this or that in our procedures. James streamlined everything and simplified it. They are always quick to respond to any questions. I would highly recommend them.

Vicky F.
Quality Representative

The SQMS team is Top Notch, professional, and great to work with. Couldn’t ask for a better company to assist me with my QMS needs and questions.

Marcus G.
Quality Manager

We have been very pleased with Systematic and their support of our QMS. Initially brought on to support our transition to ISO 9001:2015, we continue to use them for our audits and management reviews 2X per year. I would highly recommend them.

Jeff R.

Couldn’t have been more pleased.

Anthony M.

Best quality control team out there for ISO 9001 and AS9100 certifications! They helped my company reduce paperwork by almost 90% by the use of succinct sentences and flow charts (we were verbose with all our SOPs and Quality Manuals). They also do Internal Audits and Management reviews. I used to get really stressed out during audit periods, but now I don’t even prep for them because everything is so well handled with this team. Absolutely love this company.

Michelle M.

Before starting with Systematic QMS, I interviewed (4) companies and found a wide variety of services offered and a surprisingly wide range of price points. One of the companies offered to write the Quality manual and send us along with no additional support. Others offered us guidance in the process, but would not provide support hands on. The pricing ranged from the ridiculously inexpensive for a lot of promised services to a substantially larger fee for far less support. Systematic Quality Management Systems on paper seemed at the time to be the most realistic combination of price and services provided.

We had James and Gina come to the facility for a tour and a brief talk about the business and what we were asking for. They showed an overwhelming knowledge of both the aviation industry as well as the AS9100 standard and what would be required of us to achieve the intended goal. The choice was very clear at that point, but as easy as SQMS made it, we had continued reservations all the way up to the point of receiving the certificate. It was just too easy.

What I am most pleased about with regards to SQMS is that with the addition of the yearly maintenance program, they are always one call away to support me with any question or problem from audits to implementation of new processes. As long as I follow the guidance and instruction that James provides, I am always sure that I am in compliance and can be assured that my certificate is always safe.

Without question I would recommend that anyone who needs just a little help or someone that needs a full system put in place should turn to SQMS because they are guaranteed a fair and competitive price and a better knowledge of the standard that the registrars themselves have. I have all the confidence in the world in James and the team and would trust them with any aspect of my business.

Paul B.
Program Manager, AS9100 Management Representative

I first contacted Systematic Quality Management Systems (SQMS) back in February 2014with a request for information through their web site regarding quality issues of importance to us.

The very next business day I received a response to my request where I was able to discuss my concerns and expectations in great detail. I found the SQMS representative very professional and knowledgeable about my concerns and of the capabilities of SQMS. This gave me confidence in contracting SQMS to assist in a major quality improvement project at 7 locations.

While a professional and knowledgeable representative is a good start, it does not always guarantee a good product. However, after working directly with SQMS at several of our facilities, I was more than satisfied with the service and capabilities provided by SQMS. What I found
most satisfying, besides the pleasant nature of the people working at SQMS, was the level of preparedness, the professionalism and the quality of service demonstrated.

While I may have only been directly working with SQMS for a short time, I feel very confident in their ability to assist us in the future as we continue with our quality improvement project. It has been a pleasure working with the SQMS team and, in many respects, I now consider them a part of my team as well.

I highly recommend that companies looking for assistance with theirQuality Management System contact SQMS and discuss their issues with them. SQMS will giveyou an honest answer as to their capabilities and how they can best help you. Customersatisfaction is important to them, and it shows in all aspects of the way they conduct business.

Richard D.
Director – Quality Assurance

You may be someone who is considering SQMS to improve your quality system. I was in a similar position in 2012. After I met James Lozos and Gina Berry, I decided to try their services. It was a wise decision.

I have been working with quality systems since 1972 when I graduated from the U.S. Army Calibration Technician and Specialist Course. In the time since, I have worked with quality systems ranging from MIL-STD 45662A to ISO 17025. I was somewhat skeptical that SQMS could substantially improve my quality system. I was wrong.

James came to my facility and with a hand on approach, reviewed the processes as they actually occurred. After reviewing our written quality system, he re-wrote the quality manual, provided us with better metrics and conducted management reviews and internal audits. All of this was done in a short period of time.

As I stated earlier, I have been through numerous audits and they tended to be stressful. After SQMS assumed responsibility for the quality system, the quality manual now flowed with the external audit. No more fumbling for the proper paragraph to answer a question. SQMS conducted the internal audits, which were tough, but they prepared us for the external audits by the Quality Assessor. We consequently had near perfect results.

Take it from someone who has been in this business for a long time. I would never again dream of writing or operating a quality system without the help of SQMS.

Dwight M.

We are a contract manufacturing business in Plano, TX. At present we are ISO 13485:2003 and AS9100C certified. We engaged Systematic QMS in 2011 to perform our internal audits because of upcoming assessment audits. Once onboard, they reviewed all documentation, made necessary revisions to conform to the standards and successfully completed the internal audits. Due to the on-going time and efforts spent with us, I sincerely believe we have been able to pass our AS9100C and ISO 13485 assessment audits with 0 – 1 finding respectively.

I have been impressed with their professional business manner and availability to help in answering any questions when they arise.

William B.
Quality Assurance Manager

We anticipating a fairly difficult time trying to become ISO 9001:2008 certified. Thanks to the helpwe received from Systematic QMS our goal to become certified was reached rather easily. From the initial writing of the quality manual to the ongoing internal audits, Systematic QMS has been there to help and offer suggestions to make our quality processes better.

Thank you Systematic QMS

Jim V.
Quality Manager

I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the excellent assistance and support you’ve offered us over the last four years with ISO 9001:2008 activities. Your knowledge and attention to detail is exceptional, which is why we are now asking you to partner with us on our next venture: AS9100 certification. We look forward to continuing our business relationship as we work to achieve this new certification.

Best Regards,
Wayne A.

I can’t say enough about the service I have been provided by Systematic QMS. Before I found them I spent a year dealing with another firm that cost almost twice as much and did not get me any closer to my ISO9001:2008 certification. With the help of Systematic I was able to achieve my certification in a couple of months. The QMS system they created for me is straightforward, easy to keep up with, and most importantly Compliant! I have been through multiple audits “customer and registrar” without issues.

Best Regards,
Erich L.

As a manufacturer in today’s market, we realize the importance of ISO certification for ourselves, our business and our customers. For several years we struggled to bring our company into ISO 9001:2008 compliance. We connected with James, Gina and the team at Systematic QMS. They provided a solution that was both thorough and easily implemented. With their training and guidance, the system created is comprehensive and flexible, so upgrading our QMS is not difficult and can stay abreast of our changing business environment. We know we can rely on the expertise of the Systematic Team when it is time to re-certify and transition to the new ISO 9001:2015 requirements.

Barb P.
Compliance Specialist

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Systematic QMS. We are completely delighted with the work they’ve done. They not only updated our QMS to Rev C, they also streamlined our entire QMS as well. Upon Systematics review of our processes, they removed all we had documented that put extra unnecessary work on us, took up our valuable time and left us open for audit findings. They are straightforward, easy to talk to and make this stuff much easier to understand. We are blown away at the level of thought and detail they put into our quality system in such a short amount of time. They gave up an entire weekend to do this for us and we really appreciate it.

Bonnie B.

We are a CNC Mill and Lathe shop, and had been wanting to put in place a Quality Management System for years.

Over the years of planning and thinking about doing it, I had always received negative responses from machine shops and customers. They kept telling me it is too much work, that the paper work was going to kill me, and to many things to do in a shop my size, and that we should not do it.

After talking with Systematic, they totally change my mind on what was involved. Quickly dismissing all the negative things I had been told or thought, hiring Systematic to put our ISO9001-2008 Quality System in place made this transition a breeze. I know a shop that spent 3 years doing it themselves. They were going to help me develop a system to save money, but I quickly realized it was going to take a lot of my time, and take awhile. It took us 3 months with SQMS. It was well worth the cost with all their help and the minimal amount of my time. As an owner of a company, time is very important to me, and I don’t have much to spare.

I would recommend Systematic to anyone, and I do

Scott K.

After years of struggling to keep up with AS9100 registration we hired Systematic QMS. In a matter of months our QMS was rebooted and running the smoothest it ever has. Systematic QMS is an invaluable resource to our small company. They allow us to focus on what we know – building quality parts – while they assure that we are keeping our paperwork and processes within the AS9100 standard.

Matthew C.
AS9100 Representative

We have been using Systematic Quality Management Systems, Inc. since September 2011. We used them to re-write our Quality Management System when we upgraded to AS9100C and we continue to use them for our Internal Audits. I could not have asked for a smoother transition to Rev C. We breezed through the transition audit with NO findings, and the auditors commented on several occasions how impressed they were with the thoroughness of our QMS. Systematics service is always fast and efficient. I can’t imagine using any other company.

Yvonne M.
Quality Representative


Keep in mind that ISO9001:2008 and AS9100:2009 certifications will only be valid until September, 2018.

If you need assistance with transition, contact us immediately!

Let us partner with you to bring your organization into this prestigious community of Quality!

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